Facial Care; 30ml

A powerful, restorative concentrate developed with Oxyginberry Complex. PlusO2 creates a light, airy, bubbly formula that breathes new life into your skin for smoother texture and improved clarity.   

Suitable for all skin types. 

Daily Evolution __ Every morning and every night  

1. Apply a thin layer of PlusO2. 

2. Let the capsules of air form to refresh your skin for a minute or so. 

3. Lightly massage your face to stimulate more air capsules. Do this once more to let your skin breathe with PlusO2. 

4. Follow with your usual moisturizing routine.  

PlusO2 Spa __ Twice a week for best results

1. Apply a thick layer of PlusO2 until a large number of air capsules start to form. This may require several pumps of PlusO2. 

2. Leave on for at least 20 minutes. 

3. During this time, massage your face at least two times to stimulate more air capsules.

4. Afterwards, gently dab off excess.  

PlusO2 Progress 

PlusO2 with Oxyginberry Complex is exceptional. Incorporate PlusO2 into your skincare routine and watch your progress:

- Wrinkles and fine lines 

- Under-eye circles 

- Skin clarity and rejuvenation

- Smoother appearance for the delicate skin on your neck 

- Youthful glow to your hands