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E. Excel International was founded in 1987 by Dr Jau-Fei Chen at Utah, USA.
• • •
Form of E. Excel Canada.
Form of E. Excel Europe.
Form of E. Excel Taiwan.


• •

23-Nov E. Excel Malaysia offical opening.
1st batch product at launching: DNP, DNP II, Nutriact, Herba, Li-Dan, Stresgon, Concenergy, Digeston, Noca, Circle, Pearlin, ACT, ART and Wei-Lo.
• • •
Feb, first issue of " E. Excel Magazine" was published, printed in Utah, USA.
22-Feb, the very first Nutritional Immunology Seminar by Dr Chen at KLHQ.
Nov, Mr Hendrik Tjandra succeeded as CEO of E. Excel Malaysia.

• • •
June, The First Incentive Trip was organized at Cherating Club Med.
17-Oct, the First Convention was held at KL Hilton.
Dec, form of Batu Pahat Distributor Activity Centre.
• • •
Mar, the First International Incentive Trip— Bangkok , Thailand.
Apr, Singapore Information Center was formed.
Aug, One Million Sv Breakthrough!!!

• • •
Mar, the first colored-edition of “Excellent Word”. 3 new Diamond Masters was promoted.
14-Oct, form JB Branch and opening ceremony.
21-Dec, Utah new factory opening ceremony.
• •
Aug, E. Excel Penang Branch Opening Ceremony.
Aug, Brigham Young University (BYU) Dance Company presented series of dance performances.
Oct, Towards 10 Million SV Breakthrough.

• • •
Jan, E. Excel Ambassador Program was launched.
Sept, Club Med Incentive Trip, total 600 distributors.
Dec, annual SV breakthrough of 200 Million.

Jan, This was a special night because awards were given away to 11 Diamond Masters, 29 Jade Master, 94 Car/Home Fund winners and 120 Pearl Masters for their outstanding performance in the E. Excel Career.

July, the new office opening ceremony was officiated by Dr. Jau-Fei Chen and Mr. Rui Kang Zhang. E. Excel’s well-designed new office covers two levels with a total area of 26,000 Sq. Ft.
July, Welcome to E. Excel…… www.eexcel.net.


• •

Mar and Apr, E. Excel Road Show ~ Health And Live Exhibition at KL, JB and Penang.
Nov, E. Excel Song "Fei Yue Ji Xian" was done and Sing by local singer Z-Chen.
Dec, the EE2000 International Convention was held in KL. Programs include Party Night, Workshop, Exhibition, Cultural Night and Convention Night.

• • •
Feb, opening of E. E. Kuching Branch.
July, the E. E. Sport Day was held at Bukit Jalil.
Aug, we celebrated the Malaysia National Day. We sponsored umbrella and cap.

• •

Jun, sponsored 30 Hour Famine and donated RM50,000.
Dec, Celebrated 10th Anniversary Convention at Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium. Invited China Disabled People Performance Art Troupe for charity performance; Successfully raised RM70,000.00 for “Sin Chew Fund”.
Oct, KK Distribution Office started operation.

• •
Jan, Japan Incentive Trip, participation of 500 distributors.
Nov, 12 th Anniversary Celebration held at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.

April, Euro Fantasia Incentive Trip. Destinations were Paris and London . 800+ distributors participated.
May, E. Excel Culture Night - An excellent way of life, a special tribute to Malaysia-China Friendship year 2004.
Dec, Ipoh Branch opening ceremony.
Dec, Mr. Andrew Lee Chia-Jui succeeded as General Manager of E.E. Malaysia. Mr Hendrik Tjanda promoted to Chief Executive Controller.

• • •
Feb till Apr, Power Weekend program for whole Malaysia.
Aug, large-scale Taste of Excellence held at PWTC, 8000 people attended.
Nov, Incentive Trip, “ Shanghai Surprise”. A total of 1600 distributors joined the wonderful trip.

• •
Feb, the 1 st Award Presentation held at PWTC. More than 500 distributors awarded. There were 66 Diamond Masters, 119 Jade Masters, 79 Car Home Fund winners and 243 Pearl Masters.
Aug, the launching of SV Web Enquiry and Fax In Order service.
Dec, KK Distribution Office officially announced as branch.

• • •

Jan, Japan Incentive Trip, 800 E. Excellers joined the trip.
Aug, Elemente officially on sales in E. E. Malaysia.
Sept, E. Excel International 20 th Anniversary organized by E. E. Taiwan, E. E. Singapore and E. E. Malaysia.


Jan, Taiwan Incentive Trip, 147 E. Excellers joined the trip.
June, the E. Excel 2008 Award Presentation Concention was more than 200 E. Excel Premiers, Pearl, Jade and Diamond Master were honored at the ceremony.
July~Sept, E. Excel has organized " Health & Life Exhibition" in KL, Penang, Ipoh, Kuching and KK, Where people can listen and taste like having a feast.
Aug, Osaka Incentive Trip, participation of 30 distributors.
Sept, Jason Shi sharing his professional knowledge and direc sale experiences with participating E. Excel leaders in Leadership Training.
Nov, the first Malay Award was held in Intekma Resort & Convention Centre Shah Alam.
Nov, Switzerland Incentive Trip, total more than 800 distributors.


Jan, Say "NO" to plastic bags!
Jan, Excellent Word Magazine printed with the environment  - friendly Soy Ink!
Feb, the 1 st Award Presentation held at PGRM, KL.
Feb, the 2 nd Award Presentation held at The Zon Regency, JB.
Mar, A Taste of Excellence held at PG, KL and JB.
May, Health & Life Exhibition.
Jun, Distributors Training held in PCRM, KL.
Aug, E. Excel Our Love Our Life Convention 2009 held in Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam.
Sept, Hokkaido Incentive Trip, total more than 400 distributors.


Jan, Milestone of Success (November 2009 ~ January 2010).

Mar, the Award Presentation held at Genting, GISR.

Mar, Elite Training held at Genting, GISR.

Apr, Milestone of Success 2 (April ~ June).

Apr, Special Training 3 (25 April, 30 May, 27 June, KLHQ).

May, New Product Introduction held at Hotel Istana, KL.

May, Elite Training held at Hotel Istana, KL.

May, Europe Incentive Trip, total more than 400 distributors.

July, New Product Introduction held in PGRM, KL.

July, Special Training 2 (25 July, 15 Augst, 26 September, KLHQ)

Aug, Leadership Training held at The Zon Regency, JB.

Sept, Milestone of Success 3 (September ~ November).

Oct, Elite Training held at PG.

Oct, Special Training 3 (30~31 October, Palm Garden Hotel, 14 November, 19 December, KLHQ).



Jan, Korea Incentive Trip, 900 E. Excellers joined the trip.

Mar, Milestone of Success I (March-April-May).

Mar, Special Training I (March-April-May, KLHQ)

Mar, Distributor Training held at PGRM, KL.

May, Distributor Training held at Hotel Equatorial, PG.

June, A Date with Dr Chen held at Hotel Istana, KL.

June, E. Excel Malaysia 20th Anniversary Convention held at Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium.

July, Special Training II (July-August-September, KLHQ)

Aug, Distributor Training held at The Zon Regency Hotel, JB.

Sept, Kyushu Japan Incentive Trip.

Oct, A Taste of Excellence held at Sunway Pyramid.

Oct, Distributor Training held at Sunway Pyramid.

Oct, Special Training III (October-November-December, KLHQ).

Nov, E. Excel Funmily Day held at Kota Kinabalu.





Jan, 25 years, An Enduring Legacy. Oxyginberry Gold Complex Testing Session.

Feb, CNY Award Presentation 2012 held at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, JB.

Mar, New Product Introduction held at Hotel Istana, KL.

Apr, E. Excel My Lifestyle 2012 held at Tropicana City Mall, PJ.

Apr, E. Excel Funmily Day held at Sarawak Christian Ecumenical Workship Centre.

May, E. Excel My Lifestyle 2012 held at KSL City Mall, JB.

July, New EverNew-D & New Nutrifresh-D Product Training held at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, JB.

July, A Date With Dr Chen held at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, JB.

Sept, 25th Anniversay Celebration held at Venetian, Macau.

Sept, Macau / Shenzhen Incentive Trip, total more than 1000 distributors.

Nov, E. Excel Penang branch relocation opening ceremony.

Nov, Distributor Training held at Hotel Equatorial, Penang.

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